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Veronica Savage Rose

Veronica Savage Rose never thought at the age of 42 she would be where she is today. As a queer, cis-gender female Veronica is a product of a divorced family, depression and abuse.  She hails from New Mexico with deep roots in South Phoenix, where she has lived since the age of three. With many passions, Veronica always has found joy in music, the stage, and writing. To many, it would seem fitting she would have started her drag and pageant journey early in life however, Veronica never thought it would come at the perfectly seasoned age of 39.  She graduated from the University of Arizona in 2004 with a political science degree and it was during her time on campus she found her voice as a leader, specifically advocating for underrepresented groups.

In 2021 Veronica Savage Rose began her transformative quest to become Miss Phoenix Pride, shattering a 19-year hiatus for cis-gender female titleholders. Veronica, being a person always advocating for change ran for two consecutive years, being the first alternate to the late Desiree DeMornay in 2022 and eventually winning hersecond attempt in 2023.  As the leading fundraiser for the Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program for both years, she raised over $14,000, embodying the spirit or educational empowerment.


During her reign, Veronica Savage Rose became the voice for those who are different, those not seen. She advocated for conversation not confrontation and her reign was defined by inclusivity, visibility and accessibility to her community.  Veronica obtains all the qualities to be the inaugural Miss Gay America Femme as she embodies professionalism, poise, grace, and humility. Veronica recognizes that promoting the America system and the new title of Miss Gay America Femme, is key to extending the reach and continued growth of the organization.  That said in the spirit of excellence and uniqueness Veronica intends to reign with the following sentiment, “And when you get to where you’re going, turn around and help her too.  For there was a time, not long ago when she was you.”

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