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Black Widow

Black Widow has called Oklahoma home since 2001, but then transplanted to Arizona in 2021. By day she is a mother to her fearless 16 year old son who has been a retinoblastoma survivor since November 2010. She works at night as a dancer and Drag Diva. Black widow hopes to return to school to pursue a degree in the culinary arts specializing in all things patisserie. In the meantime she owns her own business “ Double A’s Sweets and Treats.” Which specializes in cupcakes and other custom made baked goods.


Black Widow has been involved with drag on and ol the stage for 20+ years. Traveling all over the country just trying to be an inspiration to at least one person wanting to get their start in the art of drag.  She started the “Haus of Orphans” , which includes entertainers from all aspects of drag, who find themselves without a family of belonging. She has competed nationally many times.  Six consecutive times for USofA Diva. Once for American National Star Femme in which she placed 3rd alternate. Twice for WESSLAND, the first time winning Q&A and 1st alternate. The following year she returned to win interview, as well capturing the national title of Wessland Femme 2017 . Black Widow has also held the International Gay Rodeo Association title in 2017. She captured the title of Miss Gay United States Femme Fatale 2019. This meant a lot to her due to the fact that she competed back in 2013 as a newbie to drag pageantry and it was one of three unfinished dreams of hers. She also has held several national and international non drag titles.

Black widow is a huge advocate for cancer. Having many family members that have fought or are still fighting against cancer, including her mother and son. She volunteers and raises money every year for St Judes and other organizations associated with fighting cancer. She is also a very outspoken survivor herself of domestic violence, sexual assault, and body dysphoria. She tries to use her career in pageants and drag to make a difference to other victims suffering in silence.  


To be able to be just one of many voices for Femmes/Divas is a huge responsibility that she doesn’t take lightly. So to sit here and apply for such a prestigious system that she has had the privilege to watch her drag mother compete for many years ago. And then the last couple of years being behind the scenes hands on helper for many friends/family that are pursuing their dream in the America System , is something she did not think would ever be possible in her lifetime. Taking the knowledge she has learned from all those within the legacy of the America System, she would hope to live up to that legacy with the honor and privilege of competing. Then hopefully after showing who Black Widow truly is through competition, would have the distinct honor of adding her own footprint to the Miss Gay America Legacy by being the first Miss Gay America Femme. I do want to leave you with my favorite quote that I live by “ a crown will not complete you, nor make you happy. It is simply part of the uniform of an elite group of people, who are just trying to change the world one rhinestone at a time. How will you make your change?”

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