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Dieta Pepsi

"Jordan Braxton has been an Activists in the St. Louis LGBTQIA community for over 38-years, raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and Intersex and Trans Rights. Jordan is on the Board of Pride St. Louis, Inc. as The Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach and the Vice President of St. Louis Black Pride and TransParent. Jordan currently serves as Chair of the City of St. Louis Mayor’s LGBTQIA+ Advisory Council.


Jordan currently works at Vivent Health as a Prevention Supervisor doing education and outreach for the prevention of HIV/STI. Jordan has been in the field of HIV/STI Prevention either volunteering or working for the past 38 years


Jordan is also known in entertainment and fundraising circles for her illusion of the incomparable Dieta Pepsi. As Dieta, Jordan has used her talents to raise money for several of our LGBTQIA organizations including Doorways, Food Outreach, St. Louis Efforts for AIDS, Metro East Pride, Metro Trans Umbrella Group, and The Transgender Memorial Garden. She also has used her talents and voice to testify against a multitude of Ant-trans and Anti-drag queen bills introduced in the Missouri legislation.


It would be an honor to be crowned the inaugural Miss Gay America Femme. I have competed in the Miss Gay America pageant system for several years, won my state and many regional titles, and know what it takes to be a Symbol of Excellence. i support the principles and beliefs of the Miss Gay America system that celebrates each performers talents and uniqueness, I have the drive, passion, professionalism, and skills to help make the Miss Gay America Femme division a success.


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