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Elle Taylor

I am a 35 year old trans woman who has been performing for over 22 years. In my 22 years of performing, I have had the pleasure of working with an elite group of entertainers from all walks of life and pageantry systems. In those years have seen the rise and success of many friends and family, and following in their footsteps, look forward to being a titleholder to leave my legacy behind, so that future entertainers have someone to look up to that is like them and had a dream just as they do.

I’ve competed in many pageants, and I’m proud to say that in all of the national titles That I have completed for, I have always placed within the top five in view every opportunity as a growing experience to better myself and in preparation of being a titleholder And in the doing, so, I have not only just been a competitor. I have been a dresser and a Promoter to all sides of the ends and out of a system so that I can better prepare myself so that no competitor feels left out or overlooked.

I feel the that my quality as an entertainer, person and role model is greatly suitable for the title of the first Miss Gay America Femme. We are all on the cusp of greatness. A legacy that can teach others to have  humility and love for all and acceptance, so that everyone can achieve their dreams and goals that is truly a dream of mine. I have worked closely with the Miss America system for years, not only as a former competitor Until my transition, but with former who I hold dear to my heart, and hope that it is found in high regard My Love of the system and the want to be the 1st to create a new sisterhood and Legacy. 

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