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Pandora Foxx

Greetings! Hailing from wishy-washy weather state of Ohio, I say that it is not only a pleasure to make the board's acquaintance, it is beyond amazing and exciting to apply for this incredibly momentous opportunity. I would like to introduce both of my selves to you. My name is Christina Smith, and my persona is known as Pandora Foxx. This new chapter in the Gay America

system truly speaks to the inclusive nature of the LGBTQIA+ community and highlights the elevation of drag artistry in its effort to encompass all identities. It is an absolute honor to apply to such a prestigious and exemplary system as Gay America.


For the past 19 years, my career has been as a Behavior Analyst and STEM scientist specializing in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, working primarily with the Autism community. In 2011, I began employment with a mental health facility, managing all 4 of their locations across the state of Ohio as the Chief Clinical Director and Director of Program Management. This job entails supervising 200-400 staff members, overseeing the operational management for all centers, and conducting statewide and national conferences, training seminars, and recruitment events. In May of this year, I will be moving from

the dual salary positions to a contractual consultant so that I can dedicate my time and focus to performing arts, pageantry, charity, and my 501c3 nonfit organization, The Foxx Family Foundation, established in February of 2023.



Alongside the more scientific part of my life, I have been a competitive contender for many years, having competed in gymnastics for 13 years, dance for 27 years, and pageantry since 2017. My pageantry career started as a promoter for Gay United States, where our team won the Preliminary of the Year award right out the gate. In 2019, I captured the title of Miss Ohio Gay Pride Femme, and I am a proud co-owner of the system's Capital City Prelim, where last year we awarded the Joe Etts Promoter of the Year, as well as The

Olivia Jane PRIDE in Community Awards. I have recently acquired the Platinum Gem City Femme prelim and am ecstatic to get that division back into full swing. I have judged over 40 pageants, including the Miss Gay Ohio America prelim in 2022 and countless gymnastics and dance competitions. Not to

mention that I have had the privilege of choreographing and performing in 6 talents for Gay America both at the State and National level. I believe that the experience I have gained through my many walks in life has equipped me with the administrative, interpersonal, and innovative skills to support, enhance, and elevate this incredible division. Thank you for your time, inspiration, and consideration.

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