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Tatum Totts

My name is Emily Moran-Godsey. I am a queer woman, a candidate for my doctorate in Occupational Therapy, and the woman behind the rhinestone-loving tapdancing performer named Tatum Totts. I am elated to present my application to compete to become the first Miss Gay America Femme.


Through my life experiences, I have identified my three core values:

research, advocacy, and empathy, which work together to guide my actions and my decision to pursue the responsibilities of Miss Gay America Femme. As we embark on this monumental and historic journey I implore you to take a breath and savor this moment as old dreams are finally made possible and new relationships are established.


In 2021 I competed in my first national pageant, Miss USofA Diva, and placed top five. Walking away from that experience I knew in my heart of hearts that my journey with drag pageantry was not complete. I have

spent the last 3 years searching for an inclusive pageant system that will challenge me to become part of a historical legacy, exceed expectations of excellence, and grow the system through preliminaries and relationship building. While searching for the system that checked all my boxes, I attended local and state preliminaries within the Gay America System, watched national pageants, got to know competitors and former titleholders, and even backup danced at Mr. Gay America 2024. These experiences established my love for the Gay America system.  


I knew the moment Miss Gay America Femme was announced that my search was over, my dreams were possible, and it was time for me to begin work. Being the first at anything is never an easy task, but I amnot afraid of hard work, in fact, I cherish a challenge. I aspire to be the first Miss Gay America Femme to inspire ambition and confidence in all women, set the system up for future success, and advocate for our communities. I appreciate your consideration and cannot wait to welcome you to my hometown in January of 2025.

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