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Bella Sanchez

My name is Naomi Ashby, also known as, Bella Sanchez and I am a proud native of St. Louis, MO. I currently reside in Dallas, TX where I am the Co-Director of Standsfield Performing Arts Program and Assistant Manager for Hamburger Mary's Dallas. 


As a dedicated advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusivity and empowerment, I am thrilled at the opportunity to vie for the inaugural Miss Gay America Femme title. Being the first holder of this prestigious legacy would not only be a personal honor but also a chance to make a significant impact within the Miss Gay America system. My passion lies in fostering a sense of unity and celebration within the LGBTQ+ community, and I believe that the expansion of the Miss Gay America brand to include Trans and cisgendered women represents a pivotal step towards greater inclusivity and representation.


If selected, a few of the attributes that I possess and would implement in growing the Miss Gay America system in its first year include innovation, community engagement, and mentorship. Through innovative approaches to pageantry and event planning, I aim to attract a diverse range of participants and audiences, thereby broadening the reach and impact of the system. Community engagement will be a cornerstone of my platform, as I strive to create meaningful connections and partnerships that uplift and support LGBTQ+ individuals and organizations nationwide. Additionally, I am deeply committed to mentorship, particularly within the performing arts sector, where I work tirelessly to bridge the gap for students transitioning from high school to college through my involvement with my non-profit organization.


My journey in pageantry has been profoundly influenced by my mother, Dominique Sanchez, whose unwavering dedication and expertise have served as a guiding light throughout my own pageant career. Her legacy inspires me to strive for excellence and to use my platform for positive change, both within and beyond the pageant world. As the first Miss Gay America Femme titleholder, I would be eager to honor her legacy while blazing a trail of my own, championing diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment every step of the way."

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