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Fonda LaFemme

Fonda LaFemme is a native of Arkansas where she was born and raised on a cattle farm in a rural farm community. She discovered her passion for performing during her senior year of college when she won the Miss Hendrix College Pageant, and from there her persona as Fonda was ignited. Fonda is known for her cabaret live vocals, Southern charm, witty emceeing skills, and her flirtatious allure.


Fonda has won several state and regional pageants placing top 5 (4th place) at Miss Continental 2022 and recently captured the international title of Ms Global World 2023 within the Ms World Universal Pageantry System. She loves singing, dancing, art, jogging, hiking; traveling, fine dining, meeting new

people, and taking lots of selfies with friends. Fonda has never met a stranger.


I want to be the first Miss Gay America Femme titleholder because the MGA Pageantry System is my first love. I competed for Miss Gay America three times before I began my transition to becoming female. My heart and desire and support has always remained with this system, and I immensely feel the sense of family and community surrounding this pageantry system within my very core. I want to help lead the way in building and growing this newly formed, inclusive pageant and promote it using all of my energy, drive,

connections, networking skills, personality, and passion. I truly know in my heart that I could be a shining example of what it means to be Miss Gay America Femme. I want to be a part of this system with all of my heart.

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