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Stacy Sprinklez

Hope you have a sweet tooth, because Mrs. Sprinklez is here to satisfy!  Hello, my name is Stacy Sprinklez, and I come to you all the way from Greensboro, North Carolina! My drag is a love language to the old-school legendary queens that have paved the way, with a new-aged, hyper-feminine twist. Drag from the beginning, has always been an outlet for me to represent the most authentic version of myself, leading me to the discovery of my true gender identity.  


The Miss Gay America pageantry system has always captivated and inspired me from the very beginning of my career. From the true professionalism and showmanship, to the rich history of queens that have reigned, I have always been in awe of what this system represents. When Miss Gay America Femme was announced, I felt seen and inspired. The kindness and true passion that I have witnessed from previous representatives has been nothing short of influential and admirable. I want to be your first inaugural Miss Gay America Femme because I want to beacon of light to others and carry on the legacy of excellence.

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