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Hypoxia is a groundbreaking performance artist whose work seamlessly blends avant-garde music with immersive theatrical elements, creating a mesmerizing universe that captivates audiences worldwide. Known for their daring explorations into the depths of sound and human emotion, Hypoxia utilizes an eclectic mix of traditional instruments, electronic soundscapes, and experimental noise to forge a unique auditory experience. Their stage name, derived from the Greek word for "lack of oxygen," metaphorically represents their desire to push the boundaries of conventional performance art into a realm where breathlessness signifies awe and wonder. With a background in both classical music and digital sound design, Hypoxia’s compositions are a testament to their versatility and innovative spirit, earning them a distinguished place in the contemporary art world. 

I would like to be a MGA Femme title holder because of the prestige it holds, and I believe I could usher in a new era of artistic expression.

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